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Discover the new mobile service making a difference in the world.
Every connection helps connect someone in need, every single month.
Reach Community Impact
(and we’re just getting started)
93 People Connected
Who couldn’t afford connectivity
17.65 TB Data Given +
4.3M voice min and 1.6M SMS
3 Global Causes
Empowering women, students, families
Reach Guidelines
No compromises
on coverage
Easy to use, easy
to love
The connection that
keeps on giving
Social Cause
Make a better, more connected world
Connectivity has changed our lives for the better, but 3.9 billion people
World Economic Forum, Internet for All
worldwide don’t have a basic mobile connection.1 Lack of affordable internet access presents hurdles related to employment, healthcare, security, and socio-economic wellbeing. While women from low- and middle-income countries are particularly disadvantaged, the Digital Divide also hits close to home, where many Americans struggle to afford mobile service. Now, your phone plan can empower a woman or family in need with life-changing connectivity.
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    On the couch or on the go, you can activate your new Reach SIM right from our app
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    Make an impact
    Every month, your plan empowers women and families in need with a mobile connection
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