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Reach Mobile - Check phone carrier compatibility with a simple mobile IMEI check.

Check your device compatibility

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On most phones, dial *#06#
Having Trouble?
How to find IMEI number?

Go to Settings - General - About - IMEI


Go to Settings - About Phone - Status - IMEI

Have questions about device compabatibility? Check our FAQs below:
What is an IMEI/MEID number?
To find your device IMEI (a 15-digit identifying code), you can dial *#06# from the call app. For iPhones, go to Settings, General, About, then scroll to find IMEI. For Android devices, go to Settings, then About Phone, then Status. IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is like a fingerprint for your phone. It helps us identify your device make and model.
Yes, of course you can!
We call that ‘porting’ in the techy world, but it’s really just a simple number transfer from one carrier to another. To transfer your number to Reach, we’ll need to know your current carrier, the billing zip code, carrier account number and your PIN or password for the account. You can find your account information once you log in on your current carrier’s website or app, or sometimes the information is on your bill. Will there be any interruption in my service when I switch? Whenever technology is involved, there is a chance for things to get wonky. But in most cases, your service will not be interrupted when joining Reach.