Being able to connect digitally with our volunteers, staff and women has leapt the progress of our program forward by a whole year.

Anne Toba, Ripples President

Bridging the Digital Divide

Nearly 4 billion people around the world are unconnected, meaning they don’t have access to the information, opportunities, and resources available online. It’s called the Digital Divide, and it’s hard to believe that in this age of connectivity, it’s still a real thing.

Around the World

All told, 3.9 billion people
World Economic Forum, Internet for All
— more than half the world’s population — are offline. Among them, 2.3 billionAlliance for Affordable Internet, Affordability Report, 2018 people live in a country where 1GB of mobile data is unaffordable for average earners. Sadly, the Digital Divide disproportionately affects women in developing nations, who are up to 40% less likely to have Pathways for Prosperity Commission, 2018 used the internet than their male counterparts.

In the US

The Digital Divide exists in the US, too. In fact, 50.8M households United Way Alice Project, 2018 can’t afford a monthly budget for a smartphone, let alone housing, food, childcare, and other crucial household expenses. Approximately 5 million households Pew Research, 2015 with school-age children don’t have high-speed internet , a number disproportionately impacting low-income populations. This lack of connectivity perpetuates the “homework gap” known to pose academic hurdles for those children.

Every connection makes a difference

Mobile service you’ll actually love…

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Every month, we dedicate a portion of our revenues (equal to 10% of every data plan) to enable mobile connections and digital literacy for women and families in need.

To make meaningful social impact.

Partnering closely with not-for-profits around the world, Gigs that Give is making life-changing mobile connectivity a reality for the unconnected.

Every connection makes a difference

Mobile service you’ll actually love…

Doubles as a crowdfunding platform…

To make meaningful social impact.

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