Mobile plans done right - and doing good

The right plan makes all the difference

Better mobile in Reach
Reliable Coverage

We've got you covered with America's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

Flexible Plans

It’s easy to add lines, change plans, or buy data. With Best Fit, you’ll only pay for the plan you use.

Digital Experience

Like a mobile store in an app – all of the options, none of the headaches.

Social Impact

Every plan helps connect someone in need.

Choose the plan that’s right for you
Choose the plan that’s right for you
  • Save $ off each line for every line you add
  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Nationwide coverage
  • No contract
  • Save money with Best Fit (only pay for the plan you use)
  • Hotspot enabled
  • Bring your number with you (optional)
  • Compatible with many popular Apple and Android devices
Helping connect others
Every month, we give 10% of your data plan's dollar value to help connect people in need
Choose the plan that’s right for you
Plan details
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    Additional lines
    Add up to additional lines to your plan for $/line/month. All lines will share the of data.
    Additional lines
    Add up to additional unlimited lines to your plan at a per-line discount. You’ll each have your own plan with unlimited data. For every Unlimited line you add, you'll save, $ off each line.
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    Best Fit: never overpay for unused data
    Got data to spare? We’ll automatically roll back your bill so you’re only paying for the plan you actually used. Running low on data? Purchase data by the gig or bump up to a larger plan anytime. No contracts, no surprise charges, no worries.
    Unlimited up to -
    Each unlimited line enjoys super high speeds up to - every month. What happens after -? You can easily purchase more high-speed data, or you might notice slower speeds during congested periods. Read more about throttling here and why it’s necessary to keeping this plan affordable.
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    Track your data usage
    Knowledge is power, right? Now you have everything you need to manage your plan and keep tabs on your other lines, all in a neat little app.
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How Reach Works
Step 1
Sign up for your plan - no contract means you can change anytime
Step 2
Select your device – we support most popular Apple and Android devices
Step 3
Check the mail - we’ll send you everything you need to get going with Reach
Step 4
Activate your service - our app makes it super simple (like, never leave the couch simple)
Step 5
Make an impact - see the difference you’re making every month

Customer Success Promise

Always available, always on your side. 24/7 support from people who want you to love your mobile service.

Ready to join Reach?

See if our network can support your current device.

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Every plan makes a difference

Working with leading nonprofit organizations in the US, India, and Nigeria, we're connecting women and families to mobile data that will impact their lives for better. Some have never used a smartphone, others live at the poverty line in the US and struggle to afford their monthly phone bill. Our belief is that everyone deserves meaningful access to the internet, and that every mobile connection (including yours!) can make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions
The usual wait time when receiving your SIM will be three to five business days. Times may vary if there is a holiday or severe weather. If you do not receive the SIM within a week, please reach out to Customer Success.
If you're bringing your existing number with you to Reach, your account with your previous carrier will close automatically. If you're getting a new number with Reach, be sure to log in to your old account and close out your plan.
Reach is compatible with most unlocked 4G devices, including many popular Apple and Android models. To verify if your phone will work, use your IMEI to check your phone compatibility.
After you’ve completed the onboarding process, the standard time can take anywhere from five minutes to two hours, depending if you are getting a new number or bringing over an existing line (also called porting).